30 May 2018
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SPEECH DELIVERED BY THE CHANCELLOR AND PRESIDENT PROFESSOR. G.M ROSS ON THE OCCASION OF OFFICIAL OPENING OF ICOFSA CAMPUS HELD AT ICOF COLLEGES SEMINARY AND UNIVERSITIES IN NEWCASTLE, ON 28TH MAY 2018 The Guest of Honour Representatives of Government Departments The Clergy present First year Students Distinguished Invited Guests Members of the Press Ladies and Gentlemen, ( Sanibonani ) It’s my honour to be part of this historical day when the International Coalition of Fellowships (ICOF) is holding its first ceremonial opening ICOFSA Campus which will run programs under ICOF Zambia mentorship for the next three years.

Guest of Honour

Allow me to touch a little bit more about ICOF, we are a 21st Century Movement of Christians Colleges Seminary and Universities established in 1932 in Washington DC as a Global movement which is the Non-Profit University to provide scholarship to Christians around. and our vision is to reach out through education that this year in August we shall be having our 116th Graduation Ceremony in Lusaka Zambia for students from 16 African countries and I hope and pray that our next post-graduation ceremony for student of one unique program called “Leadership Peace and Conflict Resolution” Course will be held here in November this year. The structures of ICOF shall be as following but not limited to;

Guest of Honour

Allow me to further introduce structures of this great movement which is Non Political but Cristian inclination, ICOF has four Constitutional departments namely;

1. International Coalition of Fellowships: This is a main structure of ICOF and which promotes the unity of the body of Christ and it’s an International Executive Committee of ICOF as it operate as Board of Regents commonly known as BOR which is a supreme authority of ICOF.

2. International Colleges of Fellows: This is an education department of ICOF and it run education programs direct and through partnership with other state and private colleges, Universities and seminaries with a vision to reach out to Christians who cannot afford career development in Government and Private tertiary institution due to cost and this department is incorporated as ICOF Colleges Seminary and Universities which is governed by College of Bishops.

3. ICOF Ministers Association International: This is a Pastors Global Network promoting international ordination to already ordained Ministers and the association promote working together without focusing on doctrinal differences between various Churches but work together as one family in Jesus Christ, reflecting Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer in John Chapter 17 where He prayed that we all might be one even as He and the Father are One.

4. Centre for Disability Development Research Law and Policy: This is a disability unity of ICOF with a responsibility to design, train, empower, support and develop partnerships in disability related programs. The centre for disability operate independent and I am happy to report that the centre was incorporated in 2012 as a Non-Profit Company here South Africa whose offices shall be shifted to here from Johannesburg. The Centre promote rights of the disabled, shelter, health and education with focus on sustainable rehabilitation and building of inclusive approach to disability.

Guest of Honour

Our path to establish this campus here has not been easy but full of challenges but with support of the Clergy and the enabling environment provided by your Government restored our confidence and today we are here to witness the opening of this campus which will provide 3,600 scholarships to Christians in the following programs, Teacher education, Social Work, Theology and Biblical Studies in line with our vision of reaching out through education.

We are aware that South Africa is the home to many Africans and it is our hope that brothers and sisters living in this great Country who are Christians shall benefit in our programs as we promote the unity of purpose. Distinguished Invited Guests On behalf of the college of Bishops which is the supreme organ of ICOF let me commend our Councillor for ward 9 in particular and the leadership of Dannhauser Local Municipality in general for the leadership through the office the her worship the Mayor for allowing us to use this facility for the benefit of youths not only in this ward but the entire Country and Africa in general.

Today all our members and partners are asking which part of South Africa is Osizweni and our presence here places this community on the world map as more students and lecturers will be here from time to time. Let me assure the South African Government through you that ICOF and its partners is here to stay and ensure that in the next five years will have ICOF Africa campus and its offices in this country and it’s for this reason that we have extended our scholarship on our unique course leadership peace and conflict resolution to councilors, the clergy and leaders of political parties at 50 percent scholarship so as to raise leaders of peace as we prepare for next year general elections.

Guest of Honour • Let me inform you that our scholarships program started in 2016 to 2021 targeting 15,000 Christians from Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Nigeria, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania through Cavendish University and our prospective students are recruited from wards and Constituencies through Churches this is to promote our partnership with Government as this program are community driven and ensure that Christian teachers serving in Government and private schools in above selected countries are upgraded from certificates to Bachelors and from Bachelors to masters so that delivery of quality education is promoted since ICOF use American education system which is closely monitored by academic joint committee. •

Let me also state here that our academic joint committee will work with the department of education to ensure that ICOFSA registered in line with high education Authority act but we shall continue to use the American system of education for all our distance and opening learning programs. • Further we shall take our programs in all constituencies in this Country and we are looking forward to partner with local Churches so that Christians who cannot afford Career development in Government and private colleges and Universities are given the opportunity without looking at doctrinal differences.

• As a 21st Century Movement of Christian Colleges Seminary and Universities, we shall continue to work with other public and Private Universities in specific programs as we deliver quality education to our students and allow me to appreciate Churches we are working with in Africa, my message is that let us remember the prayer of our Lord that we may be one, it’s in oneness with a unity of purpose that shall make us reach out to many through education.

Guest of Honour, Ladies and Gentlemen Let me end by appreciating and honoring the following people for the leadership they provided which has resulted in us witness the opening of this campus without the hard working and leadership provided by the following, we could not have achieved this dream today. It is my great humility that I present certificates of award which is the highest recognition ICOF Board give to individuals for the leadership provided in ensuring that what was a dream is now real, Leadership Certificates

1. Cllr: Nkosingiphile Stephan Hlatshwayo

2. Pastor Nomusa Miriet Khumalo

3. Pastor Makosazana Albertina Radebe

4. Pastor Agnes Sikhosana

5. Pastor Thandi P. Gumbi

Membership Certificates for 2018

1. Pastor Kubheka Madoda Arthur

2. Pastor Agnes Sikhosana

3. Pastor Makosazana Albertina Radebe

4. Pastor Josiah Bekithemba Radebe

5. Pastor Fundisiwe Sibiya

6. Pastor Philson Maqhinga Buthelezi

7. Pastor Busisiwe Muriel Zwane

8. Pastor Nomusa Miriet Khumalo

As ICOF we are looking forward to work with your Government and ensure that we supplement your efforts in the provision of services to the people of this great Country and may God bless and keep you

Siyabonga kakulu

Professor. G.M Ross

Chancellor and President ICOF Colleges Seminary and Universities

ICOF Web Editor
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